Senior Portrait Before School Starts Special

4 Hour Session 

(Be Photographed Before School Starts Back In Session)

20X30 Wall Portrait Or Smaller

12 Units (A Unit Is 1 8x10 or 2 5x7's.) 

On the 5x7 choice, both 5x7's are the same pose in that unit.

100 Printable Digital Images

4x5 Printed Proofs

Unlimited Outfits

Multiple On Locations Shoots

(Inside gym or locker room and outside in nature)

 Go to multiple locations and get a ton of beautiful studio portraits. How many outfits you get totally depend on how fast you cooperate and change clothes. If you are being photographed with a vehicle we highly recommend being shot with only one vehicle. Vehicles take a LOT of time as do any animals. These types of things take up a lot of time.  If you try to do multiple vehicles and or animals you will not get 100 proofs and digital files. If you don't actually own the vehicle or it has great importance to you? We recommend skipping it.  Lots of variety with this package!

 Regular Price  $1500.

Until August 16th  $1300.


These are the types of images you could expect.